Sol du Napoli Pizza

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  • 1 ball pizza dough
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Essential Pomodoro Sauce (page 25 of the book TRULY MADLY PIZZA) or your favorite tomato sauce
  • 6-7 Kalamata olives, pitted, halved and blotted dry
  • 4 large anchovy fillets, blotted of oil, rinsed with milk and blotted again
  • 3-4 ounces fresh mozzarella torn into bite sized pieces and blotted.
  • Red pepper flakes to taste


  1. Form pizza as called for by your recipe and heat source. Place on pizza paddle which has been sprinkled with flour or semolina.
  2. Spread Essential Pomodoro on pizza using a large tablespoon. You do not want too much sauce or the pizza will tend to be soggy.
  3. Now place Mozarella on the pie. Make sure you blot the cheese and get as much moisture out as fresh Mozarella has a lot of water in it. You do not want your pizza to be soggy.
  4. Take the anchovies and slice them lengthwise and place then on the pie in your design. I like mine to mimic slices of a pie.
  5. Top the pizza with the halved olives and bake accordingly.
  6. Once the pie is out, sprinkle with Chile flakes to taste and enjoy!