Up, Down And Anything But Flat

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Today we rode the new tollway running from Pátzcuaro to Capula and returned to the tollbooth.

This route is anything but flat, you are either riding up hill or down hill.

Reminds me of the rides around Durango Colorado, the climbs were not hard, but they were extended steady climbs.

For the time being the new toll road is not being ridden much, so you have this great new tarmac with not a lot of traffic to contend with.

Great fun.




Yes This Is Central México

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When most people think of México they think of crowded sandy beaches or high desert.  Well there is beautiful forests of tall pine trees here and you should come to visit them.

This road that we ride several times a year reminds us of the wooded forests on the climb up King Ridge in west Sonoma County in California, very beautiful.

Cycling is such a wonderful way to bond with nature.

Not Quite The Top Of The World, But Close

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First big day of climbing for this cycling season starting the climb at 2,050 meters in elevation and cresting the summit at almost 2,600 meters.  The legs were sure not use to this yet, and the temperatures went from 25 C at the start of the climb in Erongaricuaro to around 13 C at the summit.  It was a cold ride down the mountain.

Broke a spoke with 10km to go and had to finish the ride with my rear wheel rubbing against the frame, which made for a tiring return to the start.

However anytime I can be on my bike in beautiful weather, it is a great day.