Le Chocolat Chaud con espresso

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When we lived in Sonoma County many days we would end our bike rides with a special hot beverage at Flying Goat which was a combination hot chocolate and espresso.

Here in Mexico there is nothing similar that we could find to have as a post ride treat after a long ride on a cool/crisp morning. The closest we found was in Guanajuato at a cafe called Cafe Tal.

I have been reading some of David Lebovitz’s cookbooks and found this excellent Parisian Hot Chocolate. It got me thinking about trying to duplicate the special Flying Goat beverage I so longed for.

Well yesterday I think I found the correct mixture. I used half of David’s Parisian Hot Chocolate, split between two cups and added a double espresso to both.

To start you need excellent chocolate cut into small pieces.


Plus a cup of organic whole milk:


You warm the milk and then stir in the chcocolate (pardon the burr in this photo I was trying to whisk the chocolate while holding my iPhone).


Pour into two cups and add the espresso, it will warm you up and bring you great taste on a cool/crisp morning.