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Making Fresh Mozzarella

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Sunday morning and Jo Ann and I are still too ill from this virus we are fighting from our trip back from Minnesota. So too ill to ride our bikes we decided to make some fresh mozzarella.

We purchased five liters of fresh cows milk (fresh from the cow this morning) and started by heating up the milk.

After getting the milk properly heated and after adding the rennet, the milk started to separate into the curds and the whey. Once everything has properly heated we were able to separate the curds from the whey and drain them in a clean cheese cloth.


From here we squeezed the curds to get all of the whey out of the curds and let them settle in one large slab.


We have have a great slab of mozzarella cheese that just needs to be stretched into the smaller balls.


The final result looks pretty good for our first time.


Tonight we have fresh linguine with fresh mozzarella and our freshly picked tomatoes. Can’t get much fresher than this and of course it is clearly all locally grown and produced.

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